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2014 - Global Domination Vol.1 Global Metal Apocalypse.

We are very proud to be part of this great compilation, Global Domination Vol 1, 129 bands worldwide, and we are the only chileans in it!! Listen this great compilation, share and support original music!!

2013 - Watch the first music video from Inzenith online in full screen hi-definition, In the abyss of mind.

Released album 2012

Announcing the launch of our first official production as independent label. It's "In the abyss of mind".

Our first album was recorded and produced in Crearock studios and Omar's independent label, and mastered in Santiago by AudioCustom studios.

Cultivating a brutal and aggressive style with a powerful mixture, an experimental metal covering death, black, jazz esence, and the purest symphonic metal.

"In the abyss of mind " is available on CD from the day August 31, 2012 through our website (E-Mail: sales@inzenith.com)